Maintaining your RV roof sealants, roof coatings and body sealants should be a priorities for all RV owners. Most manufacturers don’t seal everything, probably because it’s such a long process. Some manufacturers recommend to clean, touched up or replaced as needed every 30 days, others every 90 days.

The adhesives and sealants used in the construction of your RV were developed to remain waterproof under sustained effects of weather and vibration. However, even the finest materials will eventually dry out and lose their effectiveness.

Failure to maintain sealants could cause serious damage and may affect your resale value, it can cause damage that may not be able to be repaired.

Get Your Free Exterior Evaluation Inspection – We will inspect units and advise if you need a spot seal or a complete exterior reseal of the roof and/or body. We will provide you with pictures of any areas that we are concerned with that technician finds during the inspection.

New unit under warranty that was not sealed correctly!
Hidden Damage, voids, gaps, and missing screws from the manufacture!
Roof Renewal Coating Service!