What is causing the chipping on my RV?

What is causing the RV chip pops and the touch-ups to repop? It goes on one side from the top to the bottom back right side and above the storage covers. None around windows or doors. 2014 Keystone RV 29RE Diamond Edition. Is this RV body damage, RV paint damage, RV Fiberglass damage?

Paint chipping on RV
It is the result of a small amount of moisture getting into your compartment door wall.
Chipping on RV
It is the result of a small amount of moisture getting into your compartment door wall. This happens all the time and can be prevented by protecting the unit with sealants.

My reply:

Lizzie, first let me say that I’m very sorry this happened. What is happening to your trailer is called osmosis blistering. It is the result of a small amount of moisture getting into your wall. The moisture wicks its way out through the wood sheeting and slightly porous fiberglass by osmosis until it reaches the impermeable layer of the foam insulation. The moisture reactivates the glue and causes gassing to happen, which causes the bubbles and chips to occur.

Body reseal benefits

By caulking your RV, it helps to protect your investment and creates a watertight seal to protect your unit from outdoor elements. Applying caulk around the trim and windows helps to ensure that no outside elements get inside through the window frame or other gaps.

When there is no caulk, dirt and dust enter the RV more freely. If moisture from condensation, rain or snow, or by washing your unit gets into the RV, it can damage the structure or cause dangerous mold and mildew. Water and mildew stains can appear in the carpet and on the walls. However, in most cases it doesn’t show up right away, causing unnoticed dry rot to occur.


Caulking around certain joints creates a watertight seal that prevents water from outside from seeping into the cracks and crevices of your RV. If water gets in, it can cause a lot of damage that can be extremely costly to repair and even total your unit. Make sure to reseal your unit to prevent further damage.

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