When was the last time you inspected your slide out seals? Do it now!

By Dustin Simpson, California RV Specialists

Properly maintaining your slide out is all about preventive maintenance.

Your slide out seals are pieces of rubber that surround the edges of the slide and create a suction seal around the slides when they are pulled in. This prevents debris and the elements from entering your RV.

Failing slide out seals

This first picture is of a Grand Design RV slide out seal where the sealant separated from the wall. What I want to explain and make clear is that if the sealant on this edge fails over time, it will catch water and allow it to absorb into the wall above the slide out.

The photo below shows what happens if you let it go too long. This can cost you thousands of dollars in damage for lack of inspection, and for not doing a little maintenance. (Luckily, this RV was quickly repaired at my shop.)

Even if you have a slide out topper, you still want to check both the slide out seams on the moldings and the seams on the slide out wiper seals.

Resealing the seal on the wall edge is very simple: Clean and wipe down surface with Acrysol.

Make sure to check that the seal is secure against the wall and check the mounting hardware or repair with glue. Then, apply Boss clear or black silicone on the top edge. Make sure that the screws in the ends of the EKD D bulb seal haven’t torn loose, as well. If so, resecure in place.

The products and tools we use at the shop

Here is the low-grade solvent that we use to clean silicone, roof sealants, decals, and anything that needs to come off. It leaves no film and then is prepped and ready for you to reseal. We have used this product for 20-plus years and sell it in the store, as well.

Also, these scrapers work great for removing sealant on the edges and the side of the body for resealing.

Lastly, here is the link to the clear sealant that we use on the top and sides of the wiper seal to help protect from side wall damage.

Hope these tips and reminders help you maintain your slide out seals. Remember: Keep it clean and keep it sealed!

Tools you’ll need to reseal your RV


  • Denatured alcohol – (Some states and towns do not sell this anymore at local hardware stores)
  • Acrysol – Available in a spray can – (see online store)

*Use paper towels or old rags when cleaning.



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