AquaFresh Exterior Water Filter System

We specialize in the installation of RV travel trailer, 5th wheel and motorhome water filter systems. We want to introduce you to Valterra water system by Dometic, Valterra offers the AquaFresh line of products that enhance your RV water system.

AquaFresh Dual System

AquaFresh dual exterior water filter system, is a dual housing with a sediment pre-filter of (10 micron), and a advance carbon block cartridge of (0.5 micron), it includes a wall bracket and removal wrench.

The pre-filter to remove dirt and large particles, then through an advanced carbon block filter to reduce fine sediment/rust, chlorine tastes and odors, and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). The water flow GPM is 2 gallons per minute. Filters should be replaced every 6 months or 1200 gallons.

Product Video