The Benefits of Solar Power for RVs

By: Go Power! – Dometic

Whether your part time or full time RVing gives you the freedom to explore distant, uncharted paths or simply get away for a few days. Adding solar power to your RV offers many ways to enhance your experience:

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Go Power! RV Solar & Inverter Systems

Go anywhere. In the past, many RVers were limited by the
availability of campgrounds and shore power. Today, well–
designed off–grid solar systems allow RV operators to go without external power for much longer and trade campgrounds for untouched landscapes.

Lower costs. Many RV operators use portable generators to
charge batteries while off–grid. Gasoline generators and solar
systems both require an upfront investment, but running costs for solar are minimal compared to operating a generator. Solar solutions can also preserve and extend RV battery life by up to 50%, reducing replacement frequency and costs.


Less noise. Running a generator can interrupt your peaceful
setting and won’t endear you to your camping neighbors.
Generator use may also be restricted or regulated in some

Operation noise under bedroom of 5th wheel.

Fewer emissions. Most RV operators are environmentally–
minded, and solar systems are more earth–friendly than generator power options.

Emissions from lack of maintenance.


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