New CURT CrossWing fifth wheel hitch

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CURT Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of RV towing products, and their products are made with the highest quality materials and workmanship. They are also backed by a lifetime warranty.

CURT CrossWing fifth wheel hitch

Today, I’m checking out the brand-new CURT CrossWing™ fifth wheel hitch.

Boasting a remarkable 20,000-pound strength, the CrossWing sets itself apart from the competition by employing steel construction instead of aluminum, meticulously tested to meet the rigorous SAE J2638 standards. Remarkably, despite its robust capacity, the CrossWing remains an astonishing 65% lighter than traditional fifth wheel hitches, with its core weighing a mere 60 pounds.

Elevating the towing journey further is the incorporation of ShockDrop technology, a pioneering innovation that enhances comfort. The CrossWing is equipped with a cushioned isolator, engineered to mitigate jarring, jerking, vibrations, and rattling, culminating in a remarkably smooth and comfortable ride while towing.

Say goodbye to uncertainties during hookup, as the unique coupling system offers a visible contact surface, while the head channel guides the kingpin seamlessly into position. The result? No more guesswork and an effortless, streamlined hitching procedure.

Installing a fifth wheel hitch has never been this effortless. The CrossWing’s intelligent engineering and strategically positioned grip points make it a breeze for a single person to set up in the truck bed, conforming to industry-standard rails.

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