RV Inverter vs. RV converter – What’s the difference?

In this video, Dustin and Zach discuss RV electricity basics—specifically, the difference between an RV inverter vs. a RV converter. They also cover what items run off of 12 volts (DC) and what items run off of 110 volts (AC). Knowing the difference will not only help you manage your RV electricity, but can help you troubleshoot problems when you are out on the road. 

Tech support phone numbers for RV electricity issues

Should you need tech support with your RV electricity, locate your converter or inverter and gather the brand name, model and serial number. Tech support will be able to assist you based on the year, make and model of your RV.

  • WFCO: 1-877-294-8997
  • Progressive Dynamics: 1-269-781-4241
  • Samlex Power: 1-800-561-5885
  • GoPower!: 1-866-247-6527
  • Xantrex: 1-800-670-0707
  • IOTA: 1-800-866-4682
  • Parallax Power Supply: 1-800-443-4859
  • Park Power: 1-800-307-6702


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