RV hydraulic leveling system maintenance

If your RV has hydraulic leveling jacks or a slideout system, you want to have RV hydraulic maintenance performed periodically. This will check the hydraulic fluid level in your reservoir for low fluid, leaks and damage.

Make sure to check your hydraulic fluid levels

Check fluid levels

To ensure that everything is functioning properly, the fluid levels should stay consistent. If the fluid level looks low in the reservoir, this could indicate a potential unseen issue or leak somewhere in the system.

Maintenance Required
Hydraulic Hose Damage

You will want to have the leveling jacks and slideout mechanisms inspected regularly and, if necessary, repaired. You will be made aware of what is going on with your leveling jacks and slideout system by keeping an eye on their condition and functionality.

By performing regular maintenance on your RV hydraulic system, it can help prevent the unwanted stress of leaving you stranded on the road, in a campground or in your storage lot.

Whether you live in your unit full time and leave your jacks down and/or the slideout rooms open for long periods of time, or you leave your unit in storage at length, take this as your reminder to open and close the rooms as well as operate the jacks monthly.

Make sure to review your owner’s manual for your maintenance recommendations. Each manufacturer’s recommendations are different. I hope this information helps you to prevent damage and protect your investment.

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