RV slide out water leak

Any ideas where to start the investigation? We have 2022 Grand Design RV Solitude 380FL-last night we noticed water collecting on the right side of fridge on the flooring. The inside of fridge is dry. There are no water lines running under the slide, nor is there water on the under body of fridge slide. I’m worried about RV water damage, RV floor damage and my RV slide out getting damaged.

Pooling water on flooring.

We had been running AC. I was pretty aggressively washing dishes at the water bay last night. I pulled everything out of front bay and inspected for water wicking from the under walls but nothing, dry. It eventually went away inside as I checked before bedtime and nothing.

This morning we found more water pooling in front of the fridge. No AC, but I am noticing runoff outside on gutters and roof. I will inspect the roof, back of fridge, pull walls down in front bay at Nautilus system. Wondering if the seals around the slide are allowing moisture to wick inside. Didn’t notice anything like this during rainy season just a few months ago.

Dustin Groups

This was posted in one of my many Facebook groups, this one was in Grand Design RV – In The RV Shop were he has over 10,000 plus members. Members post problems and myself  and the group members try and help each other with problems, concerns, products and upgrades.

Working with the Alan the RV owner and others online we traced the problem back to the rear refrigerator drip tray. It was being over filled beyond the drip tray and leaking into the back side of the rear refrigerator access and leaking into the inside of the RV on the floor. 

Area that water was coming through, you can see stain on wood paneling.

Findings with owner

During the inspection the owner was advised to check the refrigerator back side and he did confirm the drip tray was full as seen in this picture.

The water was leaking and coming underneath the refrigerator getting into the inside and running on to the floor.  Lucky for the owners that this presented itself, in the past we have seen a number of different refrigerator leak that have caused damage to slide out floors, and the cabinet supports. Which over time cause major damage to additional issues.

My Recommendations

To help people in high humidity areas, if you own a Norcold refrigerator and having this same issue here is one of my recommendations.  You can either extended the drain line to drain outside the vent door, or you can drill a small hole and extended the drain hose through the floor and have it drain outside. 

Norcold Drain Hose.

Here is some example pictures.

Original designed to fill drip tray.
The hose was extended and plumbed down through the floor to drain underneath the slide out.
The line was secured in place and secured to the lower aluminum sheeting brace to allow draining on the ground.

Here a link for the drain hose and union.


We pleased that the group and others all help each other and at the end of the day we want you to travel safe and have fun while out camping.

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