What should I look for when inspecting my RV roof?

Whether you own a million-dollar unit or you have an entry-level RV, my message to you will be the same: It needs to be maintained! One of the best ways to maintain your RV is by consistently inspecting the unit, including inspecting the RV roof.

What to look for when inspecting an RV roof

I am often asked, “What should I look for when inspecting my RV roof?” The video below shows just that!

Join me on the roof of this 2016 Grand Design Reflection 337RLS. I show you areas that need to be cleaned and touched up. I also share some tricks of my trade that I’ve learned by inspecting a lot of RV roofs!

Tools you’ll need to reseal your RV


  • Denatured alcohol – (Some states and towns do not sell this anymore at local hardware stores)
  • Acrysol – Available in a spray can – (see online store)

*Use paper towels or old rags when cleaning.


Sealant Body

…or any RV sealants/RV silicone. Do NOT use Home Depot or Lowe’s silicone. There are hundreds of types of silicone. Make sure you use the right ones. When manufacturers say don’t use silicone, it’s because most people think of standard silicone or water-based silicone. You MUST use silicone and sealants made for RVs.

Sealant Roof


Most manufacturers don’t seal everything, probably because it’s such a long process—especially when they advise you, as the owner, to check and seal as needed as part of maintenance.

Some manufacturers recommend every 30 days, others every 90 days. That number depends on use and weather conditions.

I really hope this information helps protect your investment.

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