Reseal your RV with the BEST RV caulking gun!

Completing repairs and maintenance is a whole lot easier when you have the right tools on hand. Reseal your RV with the BEST RV caulking gun! This is not only my “go-to” caulking gun, but it is also favored by my team of RV technicians.

If you have ever resealed a complete RV roof or body, you know the level of pain your hand will endure from squeezing a traditional caulking gun trigger. This caulking gun boasts a “gator trigger grip,” which offers more comfort and less fatigue.

My other favorite quality of this caulking gun is the fact that it’s considered to be “dripless.” Pressure on the sealant/silicone tube is automatically released after each squeeze to stop any excess dripping.

It also has a spout cutter and seal puncture tool to conveniently open your tubes of product. Lastly, it has a ladder hook to easily hang on ladders or other surfaces while completing repairs.

I hope this tool makes your repairs and maintenance a little bit easier! You can find this caulking gun on amazon here for a great, affordable price.

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