Demco 21K Recon Slider 5th wheel hitch.

We wanted to introduce you to the Demco 21K Recon Slider 5th Wheel Hitch, do you need a RV fifth wheel hitch? You have came to the right place.

I caught up with Biggin’ doing another Demco RV Products Manufacturing hitch installation on this Toyota Tundra.

Biggin’ doing his thing.
Techs the behind of the truck assembling the Demco hitch.

See the below features:

– Latch handle built in – No additional levers or rods needed to hook or unhook.

– Fits Industry Standard Rails (ISR)

– 14″ of rearward travel

– Utilizing an aerodynamic standard 5th wheel head

– Lighter weight, two-piece design for easy install and removal in and out of your truck

– Wrap around jaw with lock bar for a stronger, more secure, safer towing experience

– Dual articulation head for easy hookup and release on uneven terrain

– 3 height adjustments from 16 7/8″, 18 1/8″, and 19 3/8″ for level towing

– 21,000 towing capacity

– Made in the USA

Demco 21K Recon Slider 5th Wheel Hitch.

To purchase a fifth wheel hitch, you should know the following:

  • Year, make and model of you truck.
  • The bed size of your truck? – is it a short bed, standard bed, or long bed.
  • Does the truck bed have a bed liner?
  • Is it equipped OEM puck system or does it have a OEM turnoverball system in the bed.
  • What type of king pin do you have?
  • The weight of your trailer GVWR Gross vehicle weight rating.

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