Roadmaster Steering Stabilizer

Have you heard yet about Roadmaster newest RV product steering stabilizer Exact Center? There’s a lot of excitement around this RV steering component for motorhomes, trucks and jeeps.

The Roadmaster steering stabilizer is for motorhomes, trucks and Jeeps.



– An immediate and dramatic improvement in handling and control.

– Prevents rut-tracking, lane wander and *fuzzy’ center.

– Improves steering comfort and stability while reducing driver fatigue.

– Gives a true ‘Exact Center’ for a sports car like feel.

Why is it unique? It’s proactive. While other systems slowly ramp up forces to control steering, they do nothing if you are traveling straight down the road. As you turn, these stabilizers will begin to push back and help control your steering but only after it’s wandered. Exact Center’s substantial force helps prevent movement from center, resulting in a tight, responsive feel.

Why is this important? Other stabilizers have a soft center, giving a spongy feel that allows the vehicle to wander. Ramping up force gradually like this means that there is more play, more wander and more white-knuckling. Exact Center provides more of a sports-car-like feel and significantly reduces driver fatigue.

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