Don’t let physical limitations stop you from enjoying the RV lifestyle!

Some of our customers experience physical limitations that could stop them from enjoying the RV lifestyle. RVs are made to be compact, but there are some modifications that can be made to make life on the road more accommodating.

The entry door

The entrance to your rig is the first thing to consider when making an RV more accessible. There are various handles and assist rails on the market that will help those with physical limitations enter and exit their rig with ease. A popular version we install at my repair facility is available in two different sizes and colors:

My wife, Ashley, uses a Camco handle.

The bathroom

RV bathrooms are very limited in space. Earlier this week we finished a bathroom remodel on a 2015 Jayco Alante. The door area was only 22” wide and the owner was having trouble getting in and out of the bathroom.

Terry, one of our technicians, removed the walls and door and rerouted some plumbing and electrical. He also completed some custom trim work and reinforced the wall for handrails. A remodel like this isn’t simple or inexpensive; Terry spent a little over eight hours of labor time on this custom job. But it made this unusable bathroom usable for our customer with physical limitations and they were delighted!


Grab bars

Whether it be inside the bathroom or utilized throughout the unit, grab bars are a great way to make your RV more accessible. Here are some great options:

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