Leaking RV water heater pressure relief valve?

Do you have a leaking water heater pressure relief valve? Is it normal for it to leak? Sometimes there can be a slight leak from your water heater’s pressure relief valve, especially if you have not used it in a while. This leak can be normal and may indicate that your pressure relief valve just needs to be cleared to free any debris from the seal. It also might mean that you need to replace the valve if the leak continues.

A water heater pressure relief valve on an RV

Here is the RV technician tool that we use. It is called a T&P (Pressure valve remover).

This water heater pressure relief valve replacement tool allows you to safely and quickly remove and replace the temperature/pressure valve. The tool fits most water heater brands, which include Atwood/Dometic or Suburban. It is made to use a 7/8″ socket or wrench for changing out.

Here’s more on how these work:

Do you need a new T&P valve? Make sure to measure the thread size for your replacement valve. It is offered in the following sizes: