Is your RV slide out topper pooling water?

We just picked up our 2023 Grand Design RV 2600RB. The dealer added a slide out topper to protect the slide from the weather. After the first rain fall it pooled up with water. Does anyone know how to fix the topper from filling with water?

Is your RV slide out topper pooling water? Did you know that most slide out toppers you can calculating the Spring Winds? In most cases the spring winds are calculated based on the box length of the slide-out.

To calculate the spring winds (room closed), measure the box length IN FEET.

Box Length

Winds Required

• 47″ or less

Spring Winds =


Box Length (in feet)

• 4′ to 13’11”

Spring Winds = Number of feet + 7

• 14′ to 16′ 4″

Spring Winds = 21

Example: Box Length = 10’4″, spring winds = 10 + 7 = 17.

Always round down to the nearest whole number.

This example was of a carefree slide out topper awning.

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