Upgrading Your RV To Battle Born Lithium Batteries

RV batteries are critical for operating your RV at the campground and between your destinations during traveling. However just replacing the batteries is not the only thing that is required. Do I have to buy a special battery charger?

In some cases, you might have to replace the current converter/charger that come stock in the application due to the output voltage of 13.6 V. Some very common WFCO and Progressive Dynamics converters will rarely get to their higher boost of 14.4 volts when a lithium battery is connected.

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Although these converters will charge your Battle Born Batteries (very slowly), they may never get to a 100% state of charge and will not trigger the passive balancing effect that starts at over 14 volts.  

In addition to their standard models, many converter manufacturers now offer LiFePO4 chargers and most are highly compatible with Battle Born Batteries. 

Is my converter compatible with Battle Born Batteries?

To determine whether your devices are compatible with Battle Born batteries, take a look at the manual for each component and look at the specifications. If the specs in the manual match up with the Charging voltage: 14.2-14.6 V and the Float voltage: 13.6 V or lower, they are compatible with our batteries.  


If you can adjust settings (such as a custom profile) on your devices to various charging and float voltages, then simply change the settings to match ours.  

You are also more than welcome to give Battle Born Batteries a call at (855) 292-2831 or email them at info@battlebornbatteries.com for additional tech support.