What the difference between roof-mounted and suitcase solar panels?

California RV Specialists offers a variety of options when it comes to RV solar systems, Our you looking to upgrade your charging system, add solar panels or upgrade to lithium batteries? You have came to the right place!

What are the advantages of roof-mounted solar panels?

Having roof-mounted panels reduces the risk of theft when you are away from your solar system. Solar panels for RV roof also allow for quick and easy battery recharging, without the fuss of setting up your system every time.

What are the advantages of a suitcase panel?

Suitcase-style solar panels are convenient portable systems that allow for easy plug-and-play use without having to permanently roof-mount them onto your vehicle. As a ground unit with adjustable legs, you can also better position and angle the panels to maximize solar production. Additionally, you can string additional suitcases without a controller to your current unit in series or parallel. Suitcase panels are the ideal solar panels for a camper. Having portable solar panels for RV on your trip takes off the travel load without reducing the amount of power supply.

Why should I add solar panels to my RV?

Adding a solar system to your RV can be beneficial. They can recharge your house batteries. Solar panels for RVs allow you to run AC appliances while on the road without needing to hook up to shore power. There are many benefits to get solar for RVs, such as expanding your camping options, ensuring constant and reliable access to electricity, eliminating the need for noisy generators, and living a green lifestyle. Solar-powered RV takes you further on your wild adventure and brings the outdoor experience to the next level.


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